Kid Loco

Kid Loco

Kill Your Darlings


If sex were to be put into music, “Cocaine Diana” might just be the song it would play. With the sultry Glaswegian vocal artist, Louise Quinn purring about kissing the devil and eating chicken, it’s all one can do to keep their mind from the gutter. From the sex of the first track to the almost folk, Ryan Adams-ish “Lucy’s Talking” (“No one gets their money back/And I’ll just keep my soul/Thank you very much“) comes a creepy contemporary number that makes you want to walk the dark streets of a big city (“Horsetown In Vain”). There’s also the lighter, peppy song about smoking pot “Three Feet High Reefer” (“And all my friends/All my friends call me the Viper/Once the Sargent caught me with my reefer in my hand but God please believe me/I did not kill the man/’Cause I don’t use/The needle or cocaine“). “A Little Bit of Soul” provides just that and vocalist Tim Keegan shows off his accent and absolute love (“Where are you now/I can nearly see your face/That’s no good/Now if only I could forget/I know your hips/I know your zips/I kiss your lip/Now everything is great/All I need baby is a little bit of your soul“). The best track on Kill Your Darlings, it’s sweet and meaningful but still has a vocal edge to drive the point home. The perfection of sound is unmatchable on any other one on the disc. It seems that Kid Loco (who is an author, composer, producer, and DJ) doesn’t sing, but he picks the perfect accessories to do it for him. Quinn and Keegan alternate and the end result is that Kill Your Darlings is as sexy as it is sweet, as hot as it is cold and above all, it’s intelligently written despite the rather low brow cover artwork. ‘Tis the sense of Kid Loco. Whatever you do, don’t miss the last song, “I Want You,” which says exactly what everyone has wanted to at some point, now, just put this song on and there’s no getting away from the message. Here’s to many new relationships that will begin with this disc!

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