Kill Me Tomorrow

Kill Me Tomorrow

Chrome Yellow


Who knew? Who could imagine that the much reviled and lambasted new wave music of the early to mid eighties would serve as inspiration for some of the more imaginative bands of the late nineties and this brave, new century? To this roster of artists, one can add the name of Kill Me Tomorrow. Bubbling under the effects pedals, sound effects, and old analog electronics, you can hear the battered yet still beating heart of eighties new wave trying to break free. On the opening track, “Liason,” the band sounds lurches to and fro with a creepy rhythm section while the singer sounds like he’s about to be swallowed by the long delayed after-effects of too much Dramamine and Percosets. The third track, “Lawn,” doesn’t so much rock as it percolates, as if my antiquated coffee maker became the broadcast beacon for some alien communication that relied on Can and Neu! rhythms as the mode of transmission. Altogether, there are five tracks on this disc, each track has been remixed at least once. While not all of the remixes add a substantial amount to the original tracks, they are interesting and show Kill Me Tomorrow to be more interesting than many of their peers. Although packaged in cover art that is at odds with the music contained on the disc, this release shows a band with a definite and unique vision.

Kill Me Tomorrow:

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