Waltz For Koop

Jazzanova / Compost

Koop (Swedish duo Magnus Zingmark and Oscar Simonsson) serves up a rather delicious album with Waltz For Koop. This CD pimp-slaps you back to the mid-’60s with its part-jazz/part-boogaloo/part-what-if-Bacharach-had-been-cool? sound. There’s a nice, organic sound to this work with some incredible vocalists — including Cecilia Stalin, Mikael Sundin, and Yukimi Nagano. In fact, Terry Callier delivers a nice groove with “In A Heartbeat.” This is definitely a treat for those about to lounge (“Modal Mile,” especially). And I, personally, can’t stop being amazed at the quality of artists in the Jazzanova stable. There is yet to be a lame act released from this incredible label. Yet again, I am truly impressed.

Jazzanova/Compost: http://www.compost-records.com • Koop: http://www.k-o-o-p.com

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