Self Control


Well, I’m not sure why bands bother to play this kind of music anymore. It’s very cliche and generic. Kosher pretty much sound like The Queers or Green Day crossed with Dag Nasty or Husker Du, a formula many untalented bands choose to express their stories of pounding brewskis and gettin’ a little emo from time to time.

Let’s look at a sample of their very deep vocals: “If you could see what I see, Hypocrite Catastrophe.” Corn with extra butter. I’m guessing these guys are probably teenagers, because the lyrical content is typical of 16-19 year olds: very accusatory, angry, and confused.

On a good note, these guys do sound pretty good. They write pretty catchy melodies, the chanted choruses beg to be sung along with, and their delivery is very energetic. If you haven’t grown tired of punk in the vein of Kerplunk!-era Green Day, then you’ll probably love this record. I just can’t get into this stuff anymore. When I was 16-18, I would have loved it, but it’s just a very tired format of punk rock which really needs to be retired. I can see crust punks going nuts over this as well… they have a bit of an Exploited thing going with their vocals.

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