High Enough to Notice


With Will Dailey’s twangy voice and the music that he and his bandmates (Chris Driscoll, vocals/guitar; Glen Cancelleire, bass/percussion; and Anthony Burulcich, drums) create, it’s no surprise they’ve been able to play with G Love and Special Sauce and Kay Hanley of Letters to Cleo. The group, originally from Long Island, NY, now lives in Boston, and even though they’ve been together since 1998, High Enough to Notice is their debut album. The cool “She’s Got the Mind” sets an almost Dave Matthews sound to Dailey’s voice, “Sedition” has a good time sound, great for a friendly bar, the number one hit “Glue” stayed on for five weeks at the top spot and has still remained in the top ten downloads on (“All my friends are broken/all my friends are doctors/they’ll put you back together/if you stay with us/we’ll be the glue“). Mappari (which means “Where sound never stops”) does superb writing, and the further you get into listening to High Enough to Notice, the more you can’t help but just love it. As one of the best hometown bands of the year, their sound is addictive, and fans of Dave Matthews Band, Blues Traveler, and Barenaked Ladies will squeal with joy for something new. Mappari has taken the first step into the limelight, and promoting this CD will be the easiest venture — all anyone has to do is hear “Far And Wise,” “Idiot,” and… hell, pretty much any track on the whole disc, and it’s an easy sale.


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