Return of the Loving Dead


The Nekromantix are probably Denmark’s best-kept rockabilly secret. While having released five CDs over the last 13 years in Europe, America has yet to hear from this Danish psychobilly trio, a crime that is expiated by Hellcat’s release of their latest effort, Return of the Loving Dead.

True to their name, the Nekromantix slap and chug their way through ghoulish titles like cheerfully menacing “Trick Or Treat,” and the frenetic and fun “Who Killed the Cheerleader,” while giving a gothic nod to their capital city with “Gargoyles Over Copenhagen.” The title track is darkly brooding while “RubberMonks and LeatherNuns” pounces joyfully into mayhem. Each track is solid and well-crafted, and while they are hard-charging and stompy, they never fall apart into a speedy, twangy mess, a testament to the musicianship of Kim Nekroman (bass and vocals) and the Brothers Sandorff — Peter (guitar and backing vocals) and Kristian (drums).

Unlike so many rockabilly recordings, the sound is rich and full, allowing each instrument to be appreciated without overwhelming the others; it’s bass-and-drum-heavy without being clunky, balancing well with the strong guitars and shouty lyrics. Props to co-producers Benjamin Hammerum and Henrik Søgaard, both manage to produce a rockabilly CD without sucking the energy out of the band or making it sound like it was recorded in a tin can.

As good as this CD is, I’m sure the Nekromantix are even better live. What else can you expect from a band that boasts its own handmade coffin-shaped stand up bass?

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