Thank for never giving up/for never giving up, for never giving in/you are the champion.” Had Oleander released this song at any other time, it would have been a tad too emotional, a little bit too much of what “rock” bands should turn away from. However, now, the words fit, the music is nicely done and all the proceeds go to the September llth fund, as well as an unspoken song dedication. On the cusp of releasing their third album — the second from Universal — Oleander, in a very un-rock way, is busy thinking about what they can do to help with what has left not a person unaffected. If you haven’t donated to the September llth fund yet, buy the single for “Champion” and you’ll get a fitting, meaningful song and those impacted most by the events will get a little more money that’s going a long way.

Universal Records: http://www.universalrecords.com • Oleander: http://www.oleander.net

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