The Ride


If prog-rock were to be redefined for the 21st century, take a rest with the Radiohead lovefest and tune into Seaworthy. Guitar subtly shuffles through dissonant, whispered vocals and processed drones on “I Met You in the Candy Store,” one of many surprisingly captivating tracks on The Ride. From the remnants of college-radio staples Macha, leader Josh McKay strips the Eastern-influenced layers of that band to cultivate a more ambiguous feel with Seaworthy. Never one to leave the eccentric flavor behind, McKay and crew reconstruct traditional rock formats like Radiohead has done recently. But unlike the latter, the sound of Seaworthy wasn’t a transition or re-invention, merely another chapter in its captivating discography. Suggested listening environments include headphone use, dimly lit rooms, or long highway drives at night, and aptly so. The two-part title track, which ends our trip, should have you envisioning everything and nothing at the same time. Transcendent, lilting, and difficult to grasp with the first, second, or even third listen, The Ride leaves behind a strange trail once it winds down. So why always settle for a horse n’ buggy when you can drive the Jaguar? Hop in.

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