Uterine Fury

This is a very unique little CD, here. It’s pretty much a bunch of weird blips, samples, and strange static-y noises… it reminds me of what Sonic Youth, were they to have never existed and started making music today, might have sounded like. There’s no real form to the stuff on 1, yet it is thoroughly entertaining. The samples throughout the record range from funny (a woman reporting quite matter of factly that human and gorilla and chimp testes are quite similar) to just plain weird (what’s that on the wall? It’s my feces, it’s how I mark my territory). The instrumentation — blips, crackles, guitars, and drum loops — are sparse and sloppy, yet the combination of sounds is so intriguingly different that it works well.

The band’s members, Slobodan Sodomovich Slobotkin and Jason “the love commander” Leaphart have managed to create an oddity somewhat similar to early Caberet Voltaire or Kraftwerk “music.” In this instance, though, Slobot is frighteningly original and much more bizarre. It’s only five dollars, so give it a whirl.

Uterine Fury Records:

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