Sunny Ledfurd

Sunny Ledfurd

The White Disk


The debut album from the “biggest drawing live act in Charlotte,” a redneck rock/rap group hailing from Gastonia, North Carolina happen to be the frightening embodiment of exactly what so many guys really feel. “Scenario” is the nicest song on the whole disc, and considering the main idea of that song is “The girl is a bitch/but she thinks she’s something more/crank the bass in my stereo so I don’t hear her though,” it’s easy to see that this isn’t something that most girls are going to be into — it’s definitely offensive to the right women. Aside from the gritty lyrics (about hos, cigs, the club, the slammer, and liquor) and the been there, done that sound that names like Limp Bizkit have trademarked, they do seem to be very passionate about their music and that shines through even the most dismal ignorance. The fact that this group is a huge live act in Charlotte wouldn’t be something the board of tourism would want you to know because they are not as one would say, upscale in any way, shape or form. In the tradition of Bubba Sparxxx, country boys sing about getting laid by country girls, with a few rappers and plenty of ice dropping. If that’s your thing, the music isn’t actually that bad, it’s just the whole package that doesn’t seem completely real. Currently on tour with Kottonmouth Kings and D12, they’re on their way to being something other than farmers, and for the sake of our livestock, that’s probably a good thing.

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