The Anniversary/Superdrag

The Anniversary/Superdrag

Split EP

Vagrant/Heroes & Villains

The most striking song on this EP by two of America’s emo darlings is “Up in the Sky” by The Anniversary. There has been much discussion about the role of music in the healing of the nation since the events of September 11, but all the music now associated with it have been old standards that have been resurrected. “Up in the Sky” is, I believe, the first song cut that seems to be directly referencing the events of September 11, or more importantly, the fear that followed. Vocalist Josh Berwanger sings, as did all the world, “Everybody’s runnin’ from the cloud way up in the sky…ain’t nobody gonna shake me off of my feet.” And when he sings, “everyone is hopin’ the poet is goin’ to give some love,” I shout quietly, “yes, yes, I do want a poet!” And who could argue that we all are “lookin’ for the preacher man to give ’em peace“?

“Up in the Sky” is not the only gem on this record. “O’ Lady Butterfly” by The Anniversary is a wonderful pop song featuring a very bluesy guitar and harmonica. Each time I listen to it I fall more in love with Adrianne Pope’s voice – and she’s not even featured on the track.

Superdrag doesn’t disappoint either. “The Emotional Kind” is reminiscent of happy-go-lucky ’60s songwriting with an infusion of ’90s punk, and “I Guess It’s American” reminds of Cheap Trick.

If history repeats, and it probably will, then we are on the verge of being blessed with Superdrag’s fourth full CD very soon. They have a penchant for releasing a few seven-inches or EPs before the full-length. I’ll certainly be in line, and I expect the rest of you to be also.

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