The Chicken Hawks

The Chicken Hawks

Hard Hitting Songs for Hard Hit People


Hard Hitting Songs for Hard Hit People is the second album from The Chicken Hawks, and as I expected, it’s more trashy nightmarish heck-raisin’ rock and roll. Of significance is their absolute commitment to rocking hard. By that I mean the pace, from start to finish, is a rocking blues that hasn’t gone out of style since Robert Johnson paid for his inventing it. The Chicken Hawks’ subject matter seems to focus on rebellious, no apologies drug taking and being a rock and roll outsider. “Darksider” sums this up and is a particularly evil song, reaching into the twilight of the human race and spelling out just what the rock and rolling lifestyle is. “Punch Up” is about sex, Chicken Hawks’ style, as in “rough.” The remainder of the album gets even darker, and I suspect they aren’t kidding. I think much of this album is a code hat identifies nothing less than a sex-crazed rock and roll Satanic murder cult living on the outskirts of the United States — most likely somewhere in the Midwest — and there’s a good reason to be scared if what they’re singing about is true. Listen at your own risk; my advice: be afraid.

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