The Huntingtons

The Huntingtons

Songs in the Key of You

Tooth And Nail

Umm, it’s a Huntingtons record. The PR thingy that labels send to punk rock glitterati (such as your reporter) mentions something about them having listened to ’80s pop, and sure enough, there’s a song called “80’s Girl,” but don’t despair, that Ramones thing is still going strong, despite still more line-up changes. Sure, here and there there’s a keyboard or what have you, but The Huntingtons still write a majority of songs that have those same Ramones powerchords (albeit with a bit more lead work) and Joeyisms on vocals.

Which brings me back to the PR thingy. Which complained that some people think of The Huntingtons as “a Ramones cover band.” Dudes, whose fault is that? You put out an album of Ramones covers, and write originals complete with Joey’s “uh-oh-oh’s” for numerous albums, and expect no one to make the connection? Lots of people (yours truly included) love The Ramones!

If you like the Huntingtons you’ll like this. If not, you won’t. Simple as that.

Tooth and Nail Records:

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