The Stratford 4

The Stratford 4

The Revolt Against Tired Noises


This CD starts out with a soft yet noisy disembodied waltz that brings to mind early My Bloody Valentine, but with the distortion under more control, allowing for the vocals to slide through without a lot of effort. The dynamics hit like ocean waves bringing the guitars up and crashing over into softness. Then all of a sudden you’re caught up in a beautiful “Sonic Youth meets Yo La Tengo with a slight touch of Pavementesque discordance” bouncing, uplifting pop song, and you just smile. The pop continues, slightly off kilter, but infectious, the rhythm section moving like train tracks against the rolling of the guitar and harmony of the vocals. The songs drift into slow quiet moments of clouded introspection and then build up into a soaring realization, and you’re taken along for the ride, wanting nothing more when it’s over, except maybe to hear it all again.

Jetset Records:

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