An Unacceptable Color


From the University of Georgia’s hometown (Athens) and the hardest state to spell (Mississippi), Robert Duckworth and Roddy Schrock came to be Tog. Deeply studying Japanese culture and curiously mixing Japanese music brought Robert=CCs eccentric flavor to the sound feast of their first release, An Unacceptable Color. Roddy Schrock compliments Duckworth’s Asian obsession with a complete immersion in the fundamentals of electronic music. While the idea behind Tog seems interesting and the music that fills an unacceptable color is anything but black and white, the sound is so electronic that it’s hard to imagine it fitting into any part of your life. Just when it starts to get comfortable, violently raw sounds interrupt your thoughts. It’s horror movie music, released as general listening material and no matter the brisk talent of the delightfully intelligent duo, it’s still a little hard to buy.


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