Totten Korps

Totten Korps

Tharnheim: Athi-Land-Nhi; Ciclopean Crypts of Citadels


Brutal extreme death metal on an evil label. Which is nothing new… What is interesting is that this very “church-burning” band hails from Chile. It’s particularly interesting (disturbing?) that they’ve been doing this for nearly ten years!

Nevertheless, this is their first full-length album. Was it worth the wait? Well, it depends. First of all, it’s brutally extreme death metal and if that’s your cup of tea, take a drink. The song titles are intriguing and all completely evil. What I don’t understand is the German connection. “Totten” = “death,” and one of their songs is called “Das Schwarze Korps” – “The Black Corps”? In addition, they focus heavily on evil, evil, evil, mostly against Christianity. If you’re interested in listening to “The Black Horde of the Surdic Gods,” “Imperator of the Black Abyss,” or “The Buried Wizard in the Millennium of Obscurity,” go for it. Warning: it may be too brutally extremely brutal for most folk’s ears.

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