UK Subs / National Razor F.D.I.C.

UK Subs / National Razor F.D.I.C.

Gruesome Twosome Vol. 1


Wow, good stuff all round here, although older UK Subs fans might want the first half of this split CD (seven songs for each band) a bit more hardcore. The Subs are apparently entering their “French Period,” with their first song here including a portion sung in French, the second song actually entitled “Metro” (the name of the Paris subway system), and their penultimate song called “Party In Paris” (complete with party noisemakers in the mix). Ah, I can just see Charlie Harper in a beret wandering drunkenly down the Champs Elysee giving unsuspecting Frenchpersons the two-finger salute. Includes dub and non-dub covers of the the sixties classic “Something in the Air.”

National Razor F.D.I.C. (the latter standing for “friends don’t invite cops,” the silliest gratuitous anti-cop reference since the band named MDC) is a bit more straightforward streetpunk, with a touch of glamtrash thrown in. Hard to believe, but actually includes a fun anti-drug song, with the unlikley title “Do You Wanna Get High Tonight?” And the rest is just a solid as this great singalong punk rock opener, including a cover of Slaughter and the Dogs’ “Situations.”

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