Josh Sullivan Comics

Josh Sullivan Comics

Issue #10

by Josh Sullivan

Josh Sullivan is a ridiculously young St. Petersburg denizen (and recent Ink 19 columnist) who has been producing sublime mini-comics for a long, long time. And this full-size addition is another very worthy addition to his canon. Sullivan’s art styles veer wildly about, even within the context of this one issue, from carelessly drawn stick-figures to more detailed characters that resemble a weird hybrid of Japanese anime and Michael Binkley of Bloom County.

The seeming innocence of the characters contrasts sharply with their thrill-killer attitudes, setting up some truly sick black humor scenes. You’ve gotta love it, though, Sullivan has obviously studied the greats of physical comedy and physical cartooning, and it shows. My personal fave sequence is when the cast of characters go on a scavenger hunt as the city is ablaze, and Cliff ends up beating his own mother over the head with a baseball bat to steal her necklace. What makes it beyond awesome is that there is a moment of recognition, where ol’ mom gasps, “Cliff, how could you?”

In Sullivan’s crazy-quilt world, there are certain permanent truths. Animals are bastards who will kill you, or at least steal your waffles. Your friends are just as likely to go on shooting sprees with their otherdimensional twin as look at you. You’re not even safe if you have a robot head, and don’t EVER wish to fly.

Buy this kid’s comix. Hoard them. NOW.

Josh Sullivan:

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