Pine Hill Haints

Pine Hill Haints

Van Gogh’s, Pensacola, FL • February 7, 2002

Thursday nights at Van Gogh’s are the coffeehouse’s popular open mic night. And this was no exception. Many of the regulars were there, including Kent Stanton and Chad Bishop, who are members of the band Flat Broke Folk, and the hosts of the open mic.

Just because it’s an open mic doesn’t mean an occasional ringer can’t be brought in as well. The ringer was the Alabama band, Pine Hill Haints. The Haints play a style of country music that predates the term country, and although it’s essentially 1920s vintage, the sound predates recordings.

The band consists of guitar, washtub bass, snare drum, washboard, and a bowed saw. The simple instruments create a rich, dense sound onto which a number of infectious songs are affixed. Helping to push the band over the top is their charismatic frontman, who belts out great guitar riffs and vocals like a country version of Jon Spencer.

The Haints continue to tour playing any place that will let them set up. They are bound to be performing near you. When they do, don’t let the opportunity pass you by to see one of the more intriguing acts around.

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