I Love Stickers

I Love Stickers

Take a look at Exhibit A. This is my hard side camera case I use when I travel. It bears symbols of my decade of covering indie music. That’s right, stickers. I love the little things and I have plastered this and other cases with them over the years. This case now stands as a testament to indie music of the Nineties. I carry the tokens of The Geraldine Fibbers, Zero Hour Records, Red Aunts, Go Kart Records, Bikini Kill, Tilt, 22 Brides, Blues Explosion, Bitch Rag, X-Girl, and Lolita #18.

Now take a look at Exhibit B. This is my brand spanking new lighting case. Notice a difference? It’s bare. Naked as a newborn. What does it need? You guessed it… stickers! I want to make this case a time capsule of the whatever this decade is… the ones?

Bands, labels, Ink 19 readers, lend me your stickers. I want to plaster this new case and then post photos of it to show of the stickers of the new millennium.

Send stickers (No Demos!) to: Phil Bailey, 4771 Bayou Blvd #202, Pensacola, FL 32503

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