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Burnt By the Sun

Soundtrack to the Personal Revolution


From the vibrant New Jersey scene comes Burnt By the Sun, a harder-than-thou grindcore band, fueled on a diet consisting of equal parts punk attitude, metal brutality, and hardcore outlook. If you miss those times when music felt like hitting yourself in the head with a brick, this one comes with your name on it. It’s rather brilliant, in fact, all aggressive brutality with a sense of purpose, and what they lack in the technical excellency-department, they make up for in attack, extremity, cleverness and a blatant lack of musical subtlety.

The album title isn’t only an overused phrase, it’s also a fitting headline to this only half an hour long collection of grunted words of wisdom. Through the course of the album, vocalist and lyricist Mike Olender details the confused state of a man finally aiming to strike back at a world that’s consistently beaten him down. “I’ve collapsed over this madness. My hair has been pulled out.” “You gave me seven years of neglect. I’ll give you seven seconds to get out.” “Observe the man I am. Look at my hands. I’m trembling at the mistakes I live.” This is the story of a man going to pieces, destroying himself, or images of himself, in order to get through and to reclaim his position as an individual being. Olender’s cathartic screaming underline the power of the loose, episodic concept, and the musical aggression effectively sets the stage for a world gone mad, pointing to the indecipherable chaos that’s both the soundtrack to, and the triumph of, the personal revolution.

Burnt By the Sun:

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