From a label known for soul comes a band without one. Whether it’s the frighteningly realistic “Blow It Away,” the hit single “Giving In,” the sexual but positive “The Way You Like It,” or the quasi-ballad “Skin,” Adema is a great choice for the first layer of Arista’s new rock face. The subject of their controversial Arista debut appeared on MTV’s The Real World New York. Adema was one of the bands that the roommates had to try to promote to local radio stations, and while the skills that they had for promoting weren’t very cultivated, the talent of Adema showed through to the DJs, and thus started the total radio saturation of the realistic “Giving In.” If you’re a fan of P.O.D., System of a Down, or Puddle Of Mudd, Adema is for (you soulless or not).

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