Blue Six

Blue Six

Beautiful Tomorrow

Naked / Astralwerks

I’m starting to suspect that I like this album far more than it may merit. I say this because I’m really digging on Beautiful Tomorrow, and I’ll be damned if I can tell you why. That’s a hard one to admit for a guy who’s in love with his own verbiage like I am.

Blue Six is another one of those acid jazz/progressive R&B groups that delivers up the groove. It’s almost as though all 14 songs on this CD were composed not so much to stand out (though “All I Need” does exactly that). That one is simply meant to chill out and let the azure sounds wash over you. One hour-long “Aw, yeah.” Close those eyes, nod that head — you get the idea. And that’s exactly what the album does. It’s a joy. It’s a pleasure. I would never call it a masterpiece. But I’m enjoying it as though it were.

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