Border Crossing

Border Crossing

Various Artists


I don’t know much about Immigrant Records nor the DJs on this compilation, but Border Crossing does pique my interest. The mix is the deepest of house with a hint of the minimalist, which delivers an almost chill effect. Paul Mac’s “Another Chain in the Link” offers deep, swirling synths to its driving, yet subtle beat. There’s the Latin percussion of “G.O.L.” and Casey Hogan’s “Quality Sequence,” which is layered atop the vibrating house beat and a really clipped vocal sample. But nothing beats the pop-snap and spacey synths of a.J. Scent’s “Moonlight in Vermont.” Overall, thereÃs a brooding quality to this disc which seems at odds with the house idiom. But thereÃs something so compelling about the talent on Border Crossing that this reviewer could not help enjoying.

Immigrant Records:

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