Hobo Babylon


The masters of reverberated musical situationism have returned, this time with a baker’s dozen of tales from the iron road. By now, the music this trio puts out has fallen into a standard formula — think cavernous hillbilly surf being played in front of a guttering campfire — but the stories that Harley Davidson tells, with a gravelly voice and frequent pauses that imply deep drags on Chesterfields with the filters ripped off, never fail to fascinate.

As you may guess from the title, the boys in Deadbolt have gone riding the rails, accruing all manner of hobo lore. And let me tell you, in keeping with traditional Deadbolt standards, it’s gruesome, the stuff of nightmares. I really didn’t need to know about the Twisted Skipper — a form of hobo justice — but now I do. And you should too. Join the Frisco circle and enter a world of bulls, boxcar quars and more.

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