Dub Station & Sonbeam

Dub Station & Sonbeam

Get It Together

Dub Station

Reggae has been muddled in the quagmire of stagnation for decades now. While there have been some stars to surface in that time, there have been no supernovas to dazzle us with their brilliance and break reggae out of its rut. Many roots and dancehall fans (who will never acknowledge each other’s existence) have been waiting for that celestial being to descend upon a studio and blow up the dance floor. Well… keep looking.

Get It Together is a capable album that’s a step above the Jimmy Buffet crowd you’ll see in a suburban reggae club and a few steps ahead of the cover band that caters to said crowd. However, Dub Station & Sonbeam don’t offer up anything new, fresh, innovative, or unique. Sometimes, you feel as though you’re listening to Shabba Ranks’ bastard son or Buju Banton’s third cousin twice removed. The disc is enjoyable enough, but quite derivative. And why wade in the shallow waters of a tributary when you can go straight to the source?

Dub Station: http://www.dubstationonline.com

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