Dub Taylor

Dub Taylor


EFA / forcetracks

You may know Berlin’s Alex Kruger as Hair or Psychoplasma or Retronic or Korsakow (maybe even The Girl from Ipanema, who knows?) — but now you can’t forget him as Dub Taylor. This debut full-length, Detect, is chock full of promise for the new pseudonym. Kruger really twerks and tweaks deep house with his unique voice that makes the familiar not seem so trite. Songs like the subtly gospel-inflected “John Wayne” show the flexibility of Kruger and house itself. There are some nice “instrumentals” on this disc, but “Dub” hits odd heights when working with his vocalists. Not picking your typical house divas, this album features some of the quirkiest singers you’ll hear outside of the shower. Per Fourier (who appears on three songs) turns your ear on its lobe, and Stan Eknatz makes you wonder if he hadn’t missed his true calling as a tortured cat. Yet, these songs work with their bizarre pop sensibilities. If these songs don’t make you dance, only a cattle prod will. And Eddie and Wallace are herpes-infectious with “Sweet Lips.” That song is simply a masterpiece in a gallery filled with good sound.

Forcetracks: http://www.force-inc.com

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