Emerson Drive

Emerson Drive

Emerson Drive


A band that met in a high school talent show and has spent the last two years (pre-Dreamworks deal) on the road in a school bus isn’t exactly your typical band, much less your average country group. Now living in Nashville, the members of Emerson Drive continue to travel constantly but their first release has given them some clout. It’s filled with country songs that are as witty and mushy as they come. Mixing a contemporary pop sound with the twang of the rustic past, songs like “It’s All About You,” “Say My Name,” and “Evidence” show off the fresh voice of Emerson Drive. Named for the Emerson Trail, which joins Alberta and Alaska, the seven-member group is young, stylish, and country. If things keep going their way, add unstoppable to that list.

Dreamworks Nashville: http://www.dreamworksnashville.com

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