Eso Charis

Eso Charis

Eso Charis

Solid State

YES! This is what I call a treat! The music on Eso Charis is 100% brutal, spastic metal core in the vein of Rodan, with a pinch of Universal Order of Armageddon. The lyrics are completely unintelligible, screamed with unbridled furiosity! The drums are so loud in the mix that it feels as if the set is actually in the same room with you! WHOOEEEE!

This band features members of supergroup Living Sacrifice, but I have to admit that they should give up Living Sacrifice in favor of this band… really. I’m not sure how many people remember the band Warlord, but Eso Charis seem to be possessed by the ghost of that band.

It’s really hard to find a completely convincing Christian metal core band, for it often seems that the overabundance of praise gets in the way of the ass kicking. Not so with Eso Charis. Only in spot on the album (track three, “Once Upon a Fashionable”) does Eso Charis strike the reader with decipherable lyrics preaching: “Jesus loves you, it doesn’t matter what you do…” While this is a nice message, I don’t like to mix my faith with my metal… call me crazy!

To be completely honest, though, Eso Charis are so completely strong, in terms of musicianship, aggression, and delivery, that no amount of overtly religious preaching could get in the way of the sheer power of this record. It really is that brutal. Eso Charis is the kind of record that you take on a long car trip; it will keep you completely awake, pounding on the steering wheel, and screaming at the top of your lungs the entire time.

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