F.K. Junior & Sindress

F.K. Junior & Sindress

Barfly III

George V / Wagram

For those of you who live under a soundproofed rock and don’t know what house is, you need to check out this disc. For you fledgling or established DJs who want to rock the house, you need to pick this up on wax. French DJs FK Junior and Sindress deliver a fantastically entertaining compilation that should be offered free as therapy for the rhythmically impaired. Barfly III is a deep, soulful house joint that not only moves but shows the versatility of the genre. G Club’s “Guitara G,” with its flamenco guitar and spine-shattering bass, is a gem. For you Brazil beat fanatics, there’s “Yanu Beats” by Smokin’ Jo. Onsulade’s “Cantos a Ochun et Oya” can only be called Santeria funk — a voodoo session set to some startling house. And then there’s the straight-up Nile Rodgers-esque disco jam, “Special Kind of Love,” by Arnold Jarvis, which screams for Studio 54. In all 17 songs, there’s not a single dud. This is one of the sweetest house dishes served in awhile.

George V Records: http://www.george-v-records.fr

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