Force Fed On Human Flesh

Baphomet / Housecore

Coming over like a very drunk and belligerent younger cousin of Mortician, Gorelord auteur Frediablo freely plunders his copious home film library for the best soundbites that horror and gore have to offer. He even samples a splatter flick that he made and starred in a few years back. And these samples are crucial contextual touchstones to the aesthetic world that Gorelord inhabits and torments. The sick thud of an axe hitting human bone, a piercing scream, a male voice gradually dissolving into panic. Plunderphonics never sounded so bloody.

And what of Frediablo’s fucking fuzzed-out vomitous guitar tones — it’s like rusty chainsaws going through a heaving stomach. So vicious. And did I mention that Frediablo is one of the three guitar players (!) in the even more ace Wurdulak? Baphomet/Housecore treats me so goddamn good. Vocally, Frediablo effortlessly switches between a strangulated Killjoy/Jeff Walker croak and a lower decibel Extreme Noise Terror roar. Frediablo is an obscene master of his craft in so many ways, playing all the instruments on the record (save drums), and rifling though extreme metal’s best riffs and moods like a zombie rummaging through viscera.

Gorelord attacks voraciously, to be sure, but from a startling variety of angles. It’s in the juxtaposition of a harpsichord sample followed by a blast beat burst and then an eerie dirge grind with the vocals seeping in like the Blob from all sides. The listener feels trapped. The cinematic structure of the music extends to the liner notes and packaging, resembling a poster for a horror classic. Yes! Add to that the conflict between Frediablo’s celebratory exhortation to smoke dope and watch horror movies and a set of lyrics that reaches disturbingly close to full-on psychosexual insanity, and you know you’re in for a good time. It’s awesome, warped shit.

Baphomet/Housecore Records: http://www.baphomethousecore.com

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