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Besides the fact that the lead singer, Sarah “Starr” Reitkopp looks a little like a drag queen with a bad wig and the two other females in the group aren’t exactly model material either, the girls of Halfcocked do know how to carry a tune (or 13). “I Lied” is a bad girl power song if one ever existed, “Drive Away” is a fun Vercua Salt-ish, self explanatory song, the hard rock love song “Held Under” is too forced (the rhyming is so predictable), and “Thanks For the Ride” is humorously suggestive. Most of the songs are mediocre, but in general, the whole disc is one song about three things, and for anyone who is looking past the cutesy girls with guitars gig, “Halfcocked” is more like “halfassed.” They do their best work on the ultimately girly songs, such as “Sell Out,” “I Lied,” and “Glitter,” which deal with totally female subjects. If Kittie isn’t fashionable enough and Gwen Steffani doesn’t rock hard enough, Halfcocked is a happy medium, even if the majority of their songs leave a lot to be desired.

Dreamworks Records: http://www.dreamworksrecords.com • Halfcocked: http://www.halfcocked.com

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