Ingenious Diversions

Ingenious Diversions

A Low Watt Document

Shut Eye

The second release in the four-disc series A Low Watt Document contains artists from Georgia to Nova Scotia, and the end result is a diverse but satisfying collection of “Mood Pop,” rock and quasi-folk. Big names such as Soundtrack Mind, The Intergalactic Cowboy, Summerhouse, and King Reno join lesser known but still very talented acts like Liquid Pie, Ether Park, K& MB, and Shoebox. Mostly made up of earlier mentioned “Mood Pop” (“OK To Dream” by Adam), friendly fun tunes (“Better Than Me” from Fulter’s Earth), sweet infectious beauty (Michael Levine’s “Gravity”), and raw talent in unexpected packages (Brillig’s “Portend (Radio Edit)”). While it looks a little like a crappy garage compilation, upon listening to even the first track, all of that is proven wrong. A great, great, essential CD for anyone interested in some of the most amazing non-corporate bands to gather in a long time. Ingenious Diversions, the fourth disc of greatness, is an absolute must.

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