Imagine Trent Reznor with breasts and you’ve got the sound that Kidneythieves vocalist and lyricist Free Domiguez produces. The crooning, thick sexuality on tracks like the modest “Spank,” “Before I’m Dead,” “Glitter Girl,” and the mind blowing remake of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” goes perfect with the artistic visions of “music mastermind” Bruce Somers. Working with Sean Beavan of Nine Inch Nails helped give the edge to Kidneythieves that they were trying to form, and in the end, the result is the deepest, beautifully dark second album, Zerospace. Surrounded by balance (and lack thereof) the band wanted to convey the difficulty of weighing things in life — a sort of symphonic spiritual limbo. Regardless of direction, this is music that will seep into you and not let go easy. An almost overpowering sound that has been surpassed only by their idols (those behind Nine Inch Nails), Kidneythieves are sure to steal hearts and souls all over the world with their newest release. Hold onto your Kidneys and have a nice trip.

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