Kissing Book

Kissing Book


Magic Marker

Kissing Book is the band that plays at the lounge where the tunesmiths gather to relax after the IndiePop Factory whistle blows. Kissing Book is quietly confident — the drummer taps jazzy little sprays, breaks, and tumbles while the bass and guitar deftly knit a spacious bed for perfectly crooned vocals. Bells chime in here and there, and there’s a bit of Wurlitzer as well. The ease with which the hooks roll out makes it seem almost effortless. Everything is tasteful, understated, and beautifully placed. Elegant. No surprise then that guests such as such as Dusty Reske from Rocketship might want to join them onstage for a song or two. Such guests and some line-up changes (including Adam Bayer of The I Live the Life of a Movie Star Secret Hideout providing the slick drumming) has produced a Kissing Book record far beyond even my favorable expectations.

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