Mike Walker

Mike Walker

Mike Walker


He may look like he’s straight out of the James Dean school of hair design, but there isn’t much that isn’t country about Mike Walker. His self titled Dramworks debut is filled with folk that’s more country than fireside, and even though he only does writing on songs “I Want a Little More,” “Honey, Love Me That Way,” and “If There’s a Chance to Say I Love You,” he delivers them stylishly and with a freshness that most country music lacks. The use of numerous guitar solos and a rougher sound mixed with the smooth twang of Walker’s voice brings everything to the surface. A few particularly good tracks are the fun “Honey Do,” the boot stompin’ “Who’s Your Daddy,” the slow and sad “See If I Care,” “What Kind of Love” (written in part by Roy Orbison, it surprisingly has an Orbison flavor), the country-swing “I Want a Little More,” and the funny “Rub It In” (about applying suntan lotion). All in all, a good new generation country act that will surely get you boot scootin’.

Dreamworks Nashville: http://www.dreamworksnashville.com

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