Nine Lives

Nine Lives

The Fugitive

Too Damn Hype

If you think that quasi-punk bands have lost their intellect, fear not, because the braniacs of New York-based Nine Lives are as wise as they come. These guys are so smart they’ve taken letters from the lyric booklet and highlighted various consonants and vowels to spell out “Piss Hair Ass Bush Dick Muff In Gibby.” It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but the sheer genius this must have taken makes up for it. If that isn’t enough proof of their brilliance, every song on their debut album, The Fugitive, sounds exactly the same. The talent this takes is mind blowing. There’s a fitting line in the song “Paperboy”: “I have a lucrative career just doing nothing.” Apparently, that was written from experience, because from the sound of The Fugitive, these guys hopefully hung on to their paper routes.

Nine Lives:

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