Nude Dimensions III

Nude Dimensions III

Various Artists


Finding a deep bass and downtempo collection is easy. It seems that in every CD bin there is a least one compilation claiming to be “The Best.” After spending the $14.99 and ripping the plastic off the case before you’re even out the door, you race to your car so you can (hopefully) be immersed in the depth of the promised music. After twelve or so paltry tracks, you toss the disc aside, never to be played again. If this is at all familiar, Nude Dimensions III is the answer to all of your endless musical disappointments. Clean, crisp, sexy songs with soul, good beats, amazing vocal work, and earth-shaking grooves is all that you’ll find on III. A no-nonsense, gripping release full of everything you could ever want. “Rain” by Gaelle gives the sense of an emotional downpour, “Don’t Stop” from Deep Sensation is an undeniable pleasure to dance to, the fun, wallpaper-worthy “Ida y Vuelta” by Savannah keeps it going, Sal Patrol offers a very interesting “Keep It Country,” and Jersey Street brings the clubber’s delight “Step Into the Light (Weekender Mix),” which is nu jazz like never before. The richly sampled “Dreamwalker” by Paulo Rocha, whispery-vocaled “Recover” by Satin Souls, the dancefloor, ’80s-flavored “Caught Up” by Metro Aera, an electro “Lullaby” from Morgan Geist, and a very professional “Love Yourself (Petalpusher Remix)” by big talent Blue Six also take up space on the latest from Nude. There is no way you can go wrong with this disc. It’s incomparable and undeniably the best! Guaranteed or your money back (well, not really, but it is still a great CD).

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