Robert McCreedy

Robert McCreedy


Safe House

If the name Robert McCreedy sounds familiar, you probably were a Volebeats fan. If not, why not? While Streamline is not as raucous as his previous work, McCreedy and producer Mike Daly (last glimpsed as one of approximately 12,000 members of Whiskeytown) have made a nice, thoughtful record that doesn’t exactly shout, but certainly doesn’t mumble, either. Daly handles the guitar work, and it provides a nice bed for McCreedy voice and lyrics to lounge around in. “Something’s Wrong” is a spacey little number that reminds you of The Flaming Lips or Mercury Rev, and overall, the record uses varied instrumentation and production to make each number stand out. Granted, this record isn’t exactly anything new, but it certainly does entertain, which is more than can be said for most new releases. Oh yeah, note to Safe House Records: ya misspelled “McCreedy” on the credits to “Gone Again.” Guess everyone can make mistakes, eh?

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