Sewing With Nancie

Sewing With Nancie

Take a Look at Yourself


There really isn’t much to say about Canada’s Sewing With Nancie. They have a noisy, poppy punk sound reminiscent of Blink 182, with maybe a hint of Nerf Herder. There really isn’t anything on Take a Look at Yourself to distinguish them from the multitude of other mainstream punk bands.

Not that Take a Look at Yourself is terrible — it isn’t — but it’s not fantastic, either. Most songs are formulaic, punchy, and fun, but otherwise unremarkable. There is the slightly predictable cover of Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita,” punked up for good measure, but almost unnecessary. Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” gets a melodic punk treatment, with nice male and female vocals, but there really wasn’t anything wrong with the original, so if it isn’t broke, why fix it? Still, you’ll find yourself humming along to “Starbucks Sucks,” “Sorry In Advance,” and “Shut Up.” There are some mildly jolting moments — “On Your Mark” is rather crunchy and “Big Shot” features a punk-ska guitar upbeat.

Sewing With Nancie sounds rather high school, which shouldn’t be surprising, since they feature a cheerleader on the cover. I guess I would have expected a mature sound and presence from a band that’s been together since 1996.

Sewing With Nancie:

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