Skating Club

Skating Club

Skating Club

Wishing Tree

In the ’40s and ’50s, there was Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra; the ’60s brought Johnny Mathis and now, meet Skating Club — makeout music for the millennium generation. For sweet, slow, and emotional tracks with lyrics you can relate to and a sound that sets a timeless mood this is the group that’s going to get it going. A few of the best steam-up-the-windows tunes are “The Hypnotists,” “Denver,” “Foolish,” and “Albatross” (“And you’re taking off your albatross to leave him by my bed/I take him out when I get up/ and he can tell me what you did“) and “The Princess and the Pea.” The depth and sensual nature of Aubrey Anderson’s writing and music making isn’t the best thing about Skating Club. The very best thing about this record is that it was completely self produced. Support apartment studio music — buy Skating Club and get hours of teenage fun. Notice to guys: Put this on for girlfriends and you’re going to need a mop for all the melting that’s going to happen.

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