While listening to Smashmouth’s latest release, Smashmouth, several thoughts ran through my head. “Is the record skipping?” “Do I have my CD player set to repeat?” “Will I throw up from the amount of sugar coated on the tracks?” And yet, even with these questions swirling in my brain, I can’t help but encourage you to buy this album.

Now I can’t really say I didn’t like the album, but I can’t really say I liked it either. After all, who can really say they hate Smashmouth? Strongly dislike, perhaps, but hate is too harsh a word for this band. Besides, Smashmouth does deserve some credit. Not only were they labeled a one-hit wonder with “Walking on the Sun,” but they continue to be a one-hit wonder with each album they release — with one song off each of their three albums becoming a huge break-out hit. As proof, I invite you to name a Smashmouth song other than “Walking on the Sun,” “All-Star,” and “I’m A Believer.” If you can, congratulations. If you can’t, well then you are just like the rest of the world. (Don’t worry, I couldn’t name any other songs either — without cheating, of course).

Despite the above, the fact remains, if you like upbeat, summery songs about hanging-out and having a good time, then you’ll love Smashmouth. Otherwise, I would advise you to stick to listening to Smashmouth on the radio. Personally, I’m not sure how I feel about the album. I think if it were sunny and 80 degrees outside, I might be more inclined to enjoy the catchy riffs and beach-like feel. Yet, considering I live in Canada and am presently freezing my “patootie,” I am more in the mood for something a little less sunny.

On the other hand, I can suggest a very good reason why you should buy this album, whether or not you like Smashmouth: all the proceeds go to the Presley Scott Research Foundation for Leukemia. The foundation was established by singer Steve Harwell, whose five-month-old son died of leukemia this past July. If you cannot bring yourself to buy the album, but you still want to support this very worthy cause, then please send a donation to: The Presley Scott Research Foundation for Leukemia, 1525 South Winchester Boulevard, San Jose, CA, 95128. Steve Harwell, Smashmouth, and a great many others will thank you for it.


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