The Nobodys

The Nobodys

Less Hits, More Tits


The title of this one should’ve been warning enough. But alas, I pressed forward, chasing the futile hope that maybe, just maybe, this album (which is covered with boobie pictures) would be witty or funny or even just good music. And of course, I am disappointed. The Nobodys crank out 20 tunes about drinking, parties, and lack of sex… and not much else. Maybe I am getting older and that subject matter simply doesn’t interest me anymore, but trust me, this is pretty bad. Here’s the lyrics to “Girls Wanna Talk”: “Girls wanna talk. Guys wanna fuck.” Or perhaps a line from “Oddman Out:” “I’m sick n’ tired of wasting my time trying to get that girl to fuck.” Think of an extremely drunk and stoned NOFX with a 13-year-old boy writing lyrics and you’re pretty close.

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