The Last Supper

Mercenary / World War III

Let’s start with the album covers… Wait, first let me clarify, I thought these were albums by Belfagore, a pop/new wave band and a chance for me to get “All That I Wanted.” Oops, my bad. This is totally Satanic, necromanitcal black death metal.

Back to the album covers, Wurdulak’s cover was the most evil of all time, but it is surpassed twice by Belphegor. The Last Supper’s cover is appropriately black. It’s the back cover, with a painting of two naked women. One lying prone with a cauldron on her back, the over standing over her, holding a freshly-slitted baby from which blood drips. Blutsabbath‘s cover features a half-naked chick grabbing her breasts, which are covered with someone else’s blood. It’s back cover, if you look closely is a woman, doggy style, adjusting herself so that her menstrual blood can be collected in a goblet.

But let’s talk about their music. “Impalement With Out Mercy” seems to be about Vlad Tepes’s favorite pastime, “Bloodbath In Paradise” doesn’t sound like Ozzy’s song, “Drowned In Excrements” is… is… There’s a cover of “Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath” that really isn’t too good, as the band’s strength is black metal and not classical, roaring heavy metal. Blutsabbath seems more polished and the songs focused on more of the same, but with titles like “Behind the Black Moon,” “Purity Through Fire” — a recollection of Ernest Borgnine’s line from Mark of the Devil? I wonder… and “The Requiem of Hell.” Fun for the whole family — the Manson family.

World War III Music:

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