Brett Spivey

Brett Spivey

1970 EP

Tone Casualties

Although certainly no Mirwais, there is a French vibe dominating this release, reminiscent of Air in fragmentary-mode. A warm, appealing sound, for sure, but at times a bit too autopilot for its own good — music for cafés rather than for actually listening to. Less sophisticated than Air, though, and with a harder late-’80s house feel, Brett Spivey makes rather danceable tunes, and particularly opener “001%” could work miracles on a chilled-out dance floor. The constant use of spoken samples is a bit tiresome, having been done too death many years ago, although in his defense, Spivey has dug out a few pretty funny soundbites. Spreading himself out a bit thin, Spivey reaches for a musical diversity that decreases the potential power of this EP but that may prove quite effective over the course of an entire album.

Tone Casualties:

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