Clocked In

Clocked In

Tied to the Mast


Pissed-off Georgia hardcore that took me by surprise. At this point in time, what I expect from “emo” bands is un-manly vocals and songs about love. I hate that stuff… Clocked In is, well, if this is “emo,” I’m going to check out all of the bands I outright ignored because it was yucky. The band is tight and the melodies are lightening fast and some of the stuff is metal (“Burning,” for one). They’re angry and they want to do something about it — and thankfully, they’re not pacifists; to the contrary, they want to use their fists. Well, it’s what their music does to me! I want to punch something. They do include one “love song,” called “Summer Donna,” that, well, hardcore sappiness, no matter what they sound like, is the aural equivalent of Kiss’s “Beth” for this reviewer. However, who the fuck am I in the face of the Emo movement? No one… OK, what I listen for in any hardcore band is speed and a marching, anthemic sound, and there’s plenty of that in Clocked In’s music.

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