This is robotic death metal, similar to Behemoth. Decapitated do not sound human in any way, shape, or form. The guitars are grating buzzsaws, galloping over a flurry of growls and gurgles from the lead singer. The drums are machine like and jaw-droppingly precise (see title track — you’ll pee your pants!).

Nihility is not intended for novice metal fans, for one main reason: this record is completely unlistenable to anyone but the true metal fan (see Nathan T. Birk). The drums are so mechanical and furious that non-metallers will demand that this CD be turned off immediately! Blast beats are abound on this one, yet I don’t really mind, for they’re — dare I say it — tastefully done by Decapitated! You young metal drummers should pick this one up just to try to keep up with this drummer (P.S.: you’ll fail!).

The press release that came with this notes that Decapitated “reach a newfound maturity” on this record. I haven’t heard their acclaimed debut, but I like this one. The greatest things about this release (and band) are as follows:

1. There isn’t a tinge of copycatism (well, maybe a little). These guys just like to rock for the sake of rockin’… and rock they do! There are no cheesy screams, samples, keyboards, overly meldoic/scary guitar lines… just brutal metal.

2. These guys avoid the schtick! No corpse paint on these ghastly visages! Oh baby, their lack of corpse paint automatically gives them an edge in their quest to conquer and destroy.

3. The musicianship of these guys is simply amazing! You’ll have to hear it to get an idea of what I mean. I know lots of death bands have wonderful musicians, but these guys aren’t showy about it. That makes it special, for me at least.

I need not tell you to buy this. If you are truly a grizzled death metal fan, this CD should be growing wild from the garden in your front yard. Go pick one, metal dude! Cut off the stem, remove the CD, and scowl! Yes!

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