Menlo Park

This is a very bizarre slab of vinyl. What we have here is, essentially, a full length LP of random noise, laughing, screaming, and otherwise artiness. This reminds me of Confusion Is Sex-era Sonic Youth stuff.

So how does on go about reviewing a record which has little to no actual musical content? It puzzles me. I guess this would be good for reading. Some parts are really disturbing, though; for instance, near the end of the first side of the LP, it sounds as if the vocalist is actually being murdered. It’s very weird! This record might be good for drawing or painting to, as well.

The emotional content of the record is pretty solid. Parts are very somber and subdued, while others are manic and strained. It’s pretty amazing, now that I think about it, that emotion can be conveyed with very little actual music.

This record, I think, is some type of homage to Sonic Youth: lots of weird feedback, distorted guitars, random cymbals, and screaming. Take it for what it is: very unique and completely unlistenable.

Menlo Park Recordings:

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