Dressy Bessy

Dressy Bessy

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Now that it’s getting warmer and the kids are getting older, they’ve discovered the sunroof in my car. On the morning drive to daycare, they quickly start insisting that I flip out the handle and crank open the “big window.” They really enjoy the feel of the new sun on their legs and the wind tugging at their hair.

Shortly after the sunroof is open comes the next demand: play Dressy Bessy. They’re well aware of the band name, and can now spot the CD amid the pile on the passenger seat. “Simanom!” is their shorthand request for “I Saw Cinnamon,” the album’s opening track. Typical of Dressy Bessy’s style, it’s a song that fits in well with morning sunroofs and children singing along, a chiming pop number whose chorus begs for handclaps and grins.

Though Dressy Bessy produced this record, the influence of The Apples in Stereo’s thrice-around fuzz pop is undeniable, as the band gleefully mixes heavenly melodies and harmonies with crunch and groove. Vocalist Tammy Ealom has a girlish voice and innocent twinkle that works well against all this. With sharply-written pop gems from beginning to end — check out the slithery rumble and tweak of “Carry-On” — Dressy Bessy have the kind of sound that will have everyone, regardless of age, humming along and cranking open the sunroof.

Kindercore Records: http://www.kindercore.com • Dressy Bessy: http://www.dressybessy.com

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