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Rain of a Thousand Flames

Steamhammer / SPV

At once, this is my favorite band amongst the favorites of the European Power Metal school and has been for several years. For fans of classical opera, Rhapsody is also your favorite band. In fact, though they are Italians, they are Metal Mozarts.

Rain of a Thousand Flames continues the Emerald Sword Saga, the life’s work of guitar maestro Luca Turilli. And let me say that this album should come with its own puppet show. I am serious! I once (circa 1972) saw a serious puppet show of Peter and the Wolf and was blown away; the combination of music and puppetry has not and will not leave my mind. Rhapsody could do this too – OK, maybe a Warcraft-style video game – and the effect would be no less staggering. Indeed, the songs are tied together with gut-wrenching narration describing the pillaging of a once peaceful and proud land by otherworldly demons. It will bring tears to your eyes and put a fire for vengeance and justice in your heart! Apparently, though, Rain of a Thousand Flames is just the taste of what Rhapsody will do in 2002… I should note that Rhapsody credits Antonin Dvorak and Goblin/Dario Argento in this album and thus lends credibility to their efforts.

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